Monday, February 15, 2010

Coupon Frustration

I had to fill 4 prescriptions tonight so I decided to fill it at Target to take advantage of the $10 gift card deal.  Overall I had a great shopping trip.  BUT - as I looked at my receipt when I got home I noticed about $9.00 worth of coupons that weren't taken off my bill!

I called Target immediately and after being transferred around several times, the floor manager told me I would have to come back and of course they were closing and I had dinner to make, so I told them I would come back tomorrow.  The floor manager said that would be fine.

I am frustrated at myself for not totaling my coupons prior to checking out to make sure that my coupons were credited correctly.

I am also worried that the store will not give me the discount for my items and now I have lost some great high priced coupons.  I am going to check the Target website to see what can be done.

The first person I spoke with at Target said they would have to pull the camera from the transaction to see how my coupons were processed.

The checker was a young man, very friendly and sweet.  He was in a rush and when I went to place one of my bags into the cart I looked back and noticed that he had dropped some of the coupons and quickly picked them back up and started scanning them again.  He had to use the restroom really bad, and I think this was part of the issue. (duh)

I will keep you posted on this and just learn from my lesson! 

Rule #1 Tally up your coupons before you check out!

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