Friday, February 26, 2010

CVS Trip 2/23

This was an awesome trip.  I had a small disappointment with the cashier, which I have already sent an email to CVS for clarification.  Basically what started my trip to CVS was for the travel size lint rollers.  I have 4 coupons for $1 off ANY Scotch Brand Lint Roller.  Well CVS had travel sized ones for $.99.  (I know you fellow couponers are feeling a slight high right now as you read this!!)

This will be a completely free item!  I put my items in the cart and began to look around for some other great deals.  I get quite a bit in the cart and am very happy with my choices.  I am taking advise from Hip2Save on my choices.  The one thing I always have in my mind is that I have a coupon for the item I should get the biggest one since I am getting a decent deal.  In reality if I get a smaller product and can get it close to free, then that is the better choice.  Just something to think about.

Here is what I got:

I got all of this for $1.61.  How did I do that?  Easy!  I had a total of $15.99 in ECB's with my from previous trips that were getting ready to expire.  The cereal's were 10 for $10.  I have 3/$1 off coupons with the purchase of 3 GM cereals ANY SIZE.  So I paid $.70 each for the cereals.  I had 1/$2 off ANY Right Guard product.  Well these travel sizes were listed at $1.39 each.  So I paid $.39 each!  The dish soaps were on sale for $.99 each, but I didn't  have any coupons for those.  The Johnson&Johnson was on sale for $3.99 but last CVS Trip I had a coupon printed for $1 off J&J products.  The Gillette Shaving cream is also a travel size listed at $1.39 and I had a $1 off coupon.

Now for the tough part.  What happened to those 4 lint rollers?  Well when I got up to the register and had everything scanned, I turned over my coupons like I always do.  When the cashier got to the Lint Rollers coupon, she hesitated.  Then she told me she wasn't going to honor the coupon.  I asked why and she said it wouldn't be "fair".  I then asked her what she meant..."well you will be getting the items for free".  Well I say...:"can you adjust the coupon down to $.99".  "NO".  Why not I say....."Cause my register won't allow me".  "okay" I say....she then wants to know if I still want the items.  I say "no".  She then proceeds to get huffy because she has to cancel out my whole order and re-ring everything up.  By the time I used all my other coupons and my ECB's I paid $1.61 total out of pocket.

I left CVS feeling frustrated but elated at the same time that I am finally getting this coupon "thing".  I immediately sent an email to CVS to see what their policy says about adjusting coupons.  I couldn't find anything specific about coupon adjustment.  But to me this is a moot point.  I can understand if the lint was the only thing I was purchasing, but it wasn't.  What the cashier fails to realize is that CVS is making money off this deal.  They are charging me $.99 cents but they are submitting a coupon to the manufacturer for $1 and they are going to get that $1 plus .08 cents back.

I will keep you posted on what CVS's response will be.


  1. I've never had to email CVS, but I found others that did and CVS says they do adjust the coupon down. Check out Centsablemomma's post:

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